Restless leg syndrome

What is restless leg syndrome?

  • This is a condition where you feel “tension” in your legs that prevents you from resting or falling sleep.

What are the symptoms of restless leg syndrome?

  • You feel that you want to move around to make yourself comfortable. The problem is worse in the evenings and gets better with movement.

What is the diagnosis for restless leg syndrome?

  • This requires a sleep physician to review the patient and obtain history and examination.
  • This is to identify if there are any causes that could cause a secondary restless leg symptoms like diabetes nerve dais, lack of blood flow to the legs or lack of iron stores.

What is the treatments for restless leg syndrome?

  • Treatment depends on the cause of the RLS
  • If the cause can be identified the treatment is very effective
  • If a case cannot be identified then treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms.
  • A combination of medications can be used with monitoring by a sleep physician.