Dr Jian Eu Tai 

Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician


Provider No: 5100578F

Dr. Tai is a dedicated Respiratory and Sleep Medicine physician committed to delivering unparalleled care to our community.

Dr. Tai’s professional interests span airways disease, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, and sleep disorders. His expertise ensures a holistic approach to respiratory and sleep health, addressing diverse patient needs.


  • Graduate of the University of New South Wales, Sydney.
  • Completed specialist training at Northern Beaches Hospital, Westmead Hospital, and Concord Hospital.
  • Clinical sleep fellowship at the Woolcock Institute, specialising in the management of diverse sleep disorders.

Clinical Expertise:

During his tenure at the Woolcock Institute, Dr. Tai actively contributed as a clinician-investigator in pioneering clinical trials focused on sleep-related breathing disorders and hypersomnolence disorders. His comprehensive training equips him to provide cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of respiratory and sleep-related concerns.

Dr Jian Eu Tai Respiratory and Sleep Medicine physician