Why choose us?
In the true spirit of multi-disciplinary personalised medicine, SRS provides a compelling value proposition for patients. Here’s why.

We are dedicated to providing optimal specialist care

  • Our respiratory and sleep physician has dual fellowships in sleep medicine and lung cancer/advanced bronchoscopy, which enables her to perform all procedures throughout the patient journey, without the patient having to go from one specialist to another for different procedures.
  • You are assured of treatment from a skilled and experienced specialist who keeps unto date with treatments and is a pioneer in her area of research expertise.

We have a convenient onsite sleep therapist

  • Having a sleep therapist onsite helps you obtain your home sleep study urgently and accurately.
  • During your treatment for sleep apnoea if there were medical issues these can be easily attended to by our sleep physician at no cost to you.

We keep your costs to a minimum

  • Dr Herath does not change a gap for all procedures performed at the private hospitals she works in and she also has a bronchoscopy list at Westmead Public for non-insured patients.
  • All sleep consultations are bulk-billed.
  • Our home sleep studies are 100% bulk-billed and there are no hidden costs.
  • General respiratory consultations are charged a very reasonable out-of-pocket cost to enable timely and well thought out care plans and follow up.
  • Our out-of-pocket costs are similar for complex appointments as well as simple appointments.
  • Your out of pocket costs are similar whether you are having lengthy (60min) or shorter (30min) appointment.
  • Our lung function tests are 100% bulk billed as well.

We provide a rapid access service

  • We will see you within 48 hours from reaching an urgent referral from your GP and within 1-2 weeks for a non-urgent appointment.
  • If the referral is for a lung cancer/nodule we will organise the multiple other investigations you require including bronchoscopy if needed.
  • This will be organised prior to seeing you so that you can go home with a plan and greater piece of mind.

We take time to discuss your condition with you

  • Our treatment is very personalised to the patient’s circumstances and requirements, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Treatment works best when the patient understands the treatment, the reason for it and when the specialist has taken the time to explain the process and investigations as well as treatment.
  • Our first patient appointments are 30 to 60 minutes and follow up from 20 to 45 minutes.
  • If you feel you have more than one medical condition to discuss please inform the reception at booking.

We provide connected care

  • We routinely discuss treatments with your GP and inform all your specialists of your condition.
  • For patients with multiple specialists, involved we try to keep everyone informed and up-to-date with your treatment and if we introduce a new treatment we will discuss with your treating team.
  • We will send a detailed clinical letter to your GP and copy to all your specialists after each consultation (we will obtain your consent for this at your first visit)

You have online access to your health records

  • If you would like to, we can give you access to your blood results/X rays and clinic letters.
  • This helps you see for yourself if all your requested results have come to us.
  • We will release results to you only after the specialist sign-off of these results.

We are a one-stop-clinic

  • We have specialist respiratory and sleep clinics, plus a full lung function lab with allergy testing all under one roof.
  • We can do bronchoscopy in the same hospital as you are being seen, therefore the need to attend multiple time-consuming appointments is avoided.