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Sydney Bushfire Alert

Dr Herath patients with lung conditions should be extra cautious during the current bushfires. “Just because you’re far away from the fires, it doesn’t mean you are out of harm’s way. “By the time bushfire smoke reaches areas of high population it contains tiny...

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San Doctor Autumn 2018 article

The San Doctor recently featured an article from Dr Herath on minimally invasive & safer bronchoscopic methods for lung cancer diagnosis.  The San Doctor is an independent publication published for doctors with informative medical articles written and submitted by...

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Radio Interview with Steve Price

Dr Samanatha Herath was recently interviewed on the segment "Nights with Steve Price - Health Matters with the San" and discussed respiratory conditions that tend to flare in winter such as asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

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Introducing SRS home sleep study

Your patient’s sleep health Sleep health is increasingly recognised as an important factor in promoting patient wellbeing. Sleep apnoea is recognised as a leading cause of fatigue, inertia apart from the well-recognised cardiovascular risk. Sleep apnoea affects...

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When a common cough turns nasty

Cough is a common presentation to a to a GP clinic. At initial presentation, most patients are quite correctly treated, for a viral illness, an asthma attack, reflux or sinusitis etc. It is a hard to decide if the cough is of sinister aetiology. However, there are...

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