Other Advanced Procedures

Large airway tumour debulking
Metallic stent placement for airway narrowing and fistulas
Tracheal dilatation
Rigid bronchoscopy

  • These are procedures that require advanced expertise and skill level. Only a handful of interventional
  • bronchoscopists can perform these procedures safely with satisfactory outcomes.
  • The procedures are summarised here and if you require this type of advanced procedure Dr Herath will discuss with you the risks and benefits on individual basis.

Rigid Bronchoscopy

What is Rigid Bronchoscopy?

  • The rigid bronchoscope is thicker and shorter than the flexible bronchoscope
  • The larger lumen of the rigid bronchoscope (versus the narrow lumen of the flexible bronchoscope) allows for therapeutic approaches such as electrocautery to help control the bleeding.

What conditions is Rigid Bronchoscopy used for?

  • Rigid Bronchoscopy is used for haemorrhage or bleeding, insertion of stents, for some paediatric procedures. It is far less commonly used than flexible bronchoscopy but is probably the procedure of choice for foreign body extraction, or when a deeper biopsy specimen is required.

What are the side-effects of Rigid Bronchoscopy?

  • Common complications include shortness of breath, chest pain and cough, and less commonly a pneumothorax and or bleeding from the lung.