Sydney Respiratory Specialist Clinic

From the minor and manageable through to the chronic and life-threatening, Dr Samantha Herath is a leading adult Sydney respiratory specialist.

Dr Herath is one of Australia’s key opinion leaders in lung cancer and interventional bronchoscopy. She holds a Fellowship in Interventional Bronchoscopy and Lung Cancer from McGill University in Canada. She is completing her PhD in minimally invasive lung biopsy techniques using radial EBUS and cryo-biopsy techniques at the University of Sydney.She also has an advanced sleep fellowship from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and a Masters in Sleep Medicine from the University of Sydney. She is a recipient of multiple grants and awards for her research contributions.

Dr Herath  opened the purpose-built Sydney Respiratory Specialist Clinic at Wahroonga in the Parkway SAN Clinic in 2018, providing clinical consultations, Lung Function Testing, Home Sleep Studies and Specialised Chest Physiotherapy services, to streamline patient care and diagnose and treat conditions quickly as possible.  

The Sydney Respiratory Clinic treats symptoms from lung cancer, shortness of breath, asthma and COPD through to pneumonia, sarcoidosis and lung fibrosis.

Our mission is to provide personalised medicine and excellence in clinical care taking time to get to know you and look after you with compassionate, comprehensive care.

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 Our Locations and Services


Our  clinic is located at Suite 18, Level 1, Parkway San Clinic, 172, Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga, NSW 2076. We have our consultation rooms, Lung function lab, Sleep lab, Chest physiotherapy and main admin located at the Parkway Clinic.

Lung function lab is open daily from 8 am to 4PM.

 Home sleep studies are available from Monday to Friday.

 Chest Physiotherapy with Ms. Viki Hill (Specialist Cardiopulmonary Chest Physiotherapist) is available on Thursdays fortnightly.

Dr Herath performs advance bronchoscopy, EBUS, cryo-biopsy and stent procedures for public and private patients at below locations.

1. Northern Beaches  Hospital (Public and Private)

2.The Sydney Adventist Hospital ( Private Only)

3. Macquarie University Hospital (Private Only)