Dr Herath is a key opinion leader in respiratory and sleep medicine and has been published in some of the world’s most prominent medical journals. Here are some of her publications and presentations.


  1. Herath S, Yap E. Novel hybrid cryo-radial method: an emerging alternative to CT-guided biopsy in suspected lung cancer. A prospective case series and description of technique. Respirology case report. Respirology Case Reports, 6 (2), 2018, e00287
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  10. Use of postictal respiratory pattern to discriminate between convulsive psychogenic non-epileptic seizures and generalized tonic-clonic seizures
    Ian Rosemergy, Richard Frith, Samantha Herath, Elizabeth Walker
    Epilepsy and behavior 2013; 27:81-84.
  11. Is walking barefoot a risk factor for diabetic foot disease in developing countries?
    Jayasinghe SA, Atukorala I, Gunethilleke B, Siriwardena V, Herath SC, De Abrew K.
    Rural and Remote Health 7 (online), 2007: 692.
    Available from:


  1. Multi center Randomized control trial of the diagnostic yield and safety of Radial-cryo biopsy against the CT guided transthoracic biopsy (CT CROP Study) for lung masses.
    Herath Samantha, Yap, Elaine, Dawkins Paul, Veale Andy, Jonathan Williomson, Ing Alvin ( TSANZ 2019 oral)
  2. Multi Centre Randomised Controlled trial on using thin Vs thick GS with the addition of an aspiration needle biopsy. (REBUST 2). Herath Samantha, Yap Elaine, Irene Low, Hema Mahjan, Alvin Ing ( TSNAZ 2019 oral)
  3. Costs of Establishing and Running a New Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound (rEBUS) Service. Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Westmead Hospital, Western Sydney Local Health District, NSW, Australia .Archit Chawla, Samantha Herath (2019 TSANZ poster)
  4. Safe and effective use of cryobiopsy with radial ebus for lung massess with a high bleeding risk: case series and description of technique. Samantha Herath (TSNAZ 2019 poster)
  5. Therapeutic use of Radial EBUS with aspiration needle via the Guide Sheath. Case report and description of technique. Samantha Herath (TSANZ 2019 Poster)
  6. Careful use of prophylactic intermittent and continuous macrolides reduces exacerbation rates in COPD: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Herath S, Phillipa Poole.
  7. Addition of a cryobiopsy improves the diagnostic yield of radial EBUS sampling. Case series.
    Herath S, Yap E, Low I. TSANZ 2016 (oral)
  8. CPAP compliance among the socio economically deprived South Auckland (NZ) population.
    Jaya Jose, Samantha Herath TSANZ 2016 (oral)
  9. Needle aspiration using a 21G needle (eXcelon or WANG), via Radial EBUS guide sheath, gives better samples in comparison to cytology brush or forceps biopsies. A descriptive case series. (poster)
    Herath S, Low I. TSANZ 2016
  10. Maintenance Cost of a Linear Endobronchial Ultrasound TBNA (EBUS TBNA) Service. Elaine Yap, Samantha Herath (poster). TSANZ 2015, Perth
  11. Achieving auto pleurodesis in loculated malignant pleural effusion by administration of tissue plasminogen activator and deoxy-ribo nuclease via indwelling pleural catheter followed by aggressive drainage. Case report and literature review. (Poster) Jae Beom Hong, Samantha Herath. TSANZ 2016 Perth
  12. Prophylactic antibiotics in COPD. A Cochrane systematic review. 2013.
    Herath S, Poole. (Oral) TSANZ 2013
    Darwin, Australia 2013.
    (This presentation was awarded the Boreingher Ingelheim Travel Grant for COPD)
  13. Pulmonary involvement in patients presenting with extra pulmonary tuberculosis: Thinking beyond a normal CXR. (Oral) Herath S, Lewis C.
    RACP young investigators presentation
    Auckland, New Zealand 2011.
  14. Assessing lung cancer patients for surgical resection; all may not need cardio-pulmonary exercise testing (CPET)? (Poster) Herath S, Horwood F.
    World Lung Cancer Conference
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2011
  15. Rhodococcus equi pulmonary infection in an immune-competent host: a case report and literature review. (Poster) Herath S, Lewis C, Nisbet M
    Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Scientific Sessions
    Perth, Australia 2011.
  16. Evaluation of patients admitted under General Medicine; Has Clinical Judgment Being Taken Over by serial troponins? (Oral) Herath S, Spriggs D
    Internal Medicine Society Australia New Zealand
    Queensland Branch Meeting 2010-October.
  17. Use of Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatoid Drug Usage in Rheumatoid arthritis in Sri Lanka (Oral)
    Herath S, Udugama DG, Fernandopulle.R.
    Lanka Medical Association annual academic sessions
    Colombo, Sri Lanka 2005.
  18. “Knowledge, Attitudes and skills of breastfeeding in mothers with new born babies, in the Sri Lankan Tertiary Care setting. (Oral)
    Herath S, Udugama DG, Perera J.
    Sri Lanka Medical Association annual academic sessions, Colombo Sri Lanka 2004

Chair of Sessions

  1. Australian Lung Foundation: Chair new directions in lung cancer management: Oral session
  2. TSANZ 2017: Canberra: Chair IP sig poster session.
  3. TSANZ 2018: Adelaide: Chair IP sig oral session


  1. Honorary Lecturer University of Sydney, Australia Honorary senior lecturer at University of Auckland, New Zealand 2016
  2. Honorary senior lecturer University of Sydney , Medical school, Sydney adventist Hospital, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga,NSw 2076.

Invited Speaker

  1. MMed teaching university of Sydney. Pod cast and lecture for management of suspicious lung nodules.
  2. Overseas Fellowships, why you MUST do this: TSANZ New Zealand branch meeting: 2016 Aug. Queenstown, New Zealand