Lung Function Lab

Procedural Experience

  • Dr Herath is an interventional bronchoscopist with formal international training and a post specialist fellowship in interventional bronchoscopy in thoracic malignancy, completed at McGill University Montreal Canada in 2013.
  • She is one of the very few interventional bronchoscopists who have completed formal training in a North American Centre.
  • Dr Herath started up new services for minimally invasive Radial EBUS and Cryobiopsy in Middlemore Hospital Auckland and New Zealand as well as Westmead Hospital, Sydney Australia.
  • She has completed over 1500 bronchoscopies with over a 1000 EBUS procedures with excellent published success rates.
  • Dr Herath frequently performs the following procedures

Combined Linear and Radial EBUS

What is a combined linear Radial EBUS?

  • This is carrying out both radial EBUS and linear EBUS procedures in the same patient at the same time.
  • This saves time and fast tracks treatment and the patient undergoes only a single procedure.

Why do I need a combined procedure?

  • A combined procedure is needed for patients who have suspected lung cancer or a lung nodule.
  • 75% of lung cancer at presentation has already spread to the lymph nodes in the middle of the chest.
  • It is extremely important to diagnose this spread as patients who have this spread cannot undergo surgery.
  • This also means they have lesser chance of survival.
  • Therefore, if you have an abnormal area in your lung suspected of lung cancer, just a biopsy of that lung lesion via Radial EBUS (or CT guided biopsy) is not adequate. Before you start treatment, you will need a linear EBUS as well.
  • Therefore instead of going for two separate procedures performing both procedures at the same time improves the time, financial involvement, patient safety and side effects markedly.