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Dr Samantha Herath

Sydney Respiratory & Sleep Physician

Dr Samantha Herath

Your Appointment: What to Expect

Once you are registered as a patient with Dr Herath you will be given access to an online patient portal. This enables you to monitor your results and appointment times as well as update your contact details online.

When you come for your appointments with Dr Herath, please bring in:

  1. The referral letter from your GP or other referring Specialist
  2. Any CT scans or X rays’ that you have already performed
  3. Dr Herath highly recommends that you bring in your CT scan in a CD, enabling her to view this in her computer using specialised software. This will avoid delays in your treatment plan.
  4. The discharge letter from the hospital (if you were admitted to the hospital recently)
  5. Any medical records you think is relevant or would like to discuss with Dr. Herath

We value your time: you will be ushered in to the consulting room within 5 minutes of your sheduled appoinment.

If this is your initial appointment:

  • Dr Herath will take a comprehensive history and examination in order to make a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • She will spend time asking questions and discussing your concerns.
  • You may require a breathing test whilst in the clinic room or at the lung function lab later on depending on your clinical situations.
  • You will be requested to perform a few blood tests depending on your clinical situation.
  • You may require further imaging if indicated.
  • All investigations can be performed either in the private hospital or the public hospital depending on your choice.
  • If you require a procedure, Dr Herath will clearly describe the indication and procedure and give you an information sheet to read. Once you had time to think about the procedure you will be requested to sign a consent form.
  • You have the option of having the procedures ether in the public hospital or the private hospital according to your choice.

If you are consulting Dr Herath regarding a sleep medicine issue:

  • Please bring in all your previous sleep reports.
  • If you are using a CPAP machine please bring in the machine with you.
  • If you are able to get a download of your CPAP machine from your CPAP provider, this is highly recommended, as this will avoid delays.

If this is your follow up appointment from a clinic visit, procedure or hospital discharge:

  • Dr Herath will discuss the results of previous tests and review your symptoms and amend the treatment plans as required.

Fees & Cancellations

For appointments with Dr Herath there will be an out of pocket fee for you as the patient.
This is approximately 150 AUD for an initial consultation and 100 AUD for a follow up.

For procedures: Dr Herath does not charge a gap therefore there is no additional fee for you as the patient.

Appointment cancellation policy: Dr Herath schedules only a limited number of appointments per session. Therefore, although there is no fee for no shows, please inform us as soon as possible if you cannot make it to an appointment so that we can offer that spot to someone in the waitlist.

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